AThis is for us very simple End of Arm Tooling ( SEPRO robot ) hand gripper

it has round BP120 base plate to mount the gripper hand to SEPRO robot IMB manipulator.

As compensating unit in order to compensate  ejecting parts when injecting pins push parts out of the mould we use a top quolity ASS Maschinenbau compenstaating unit GPG 1-20 L/X ( id.: 1-006-20-00 ) . 

the unit has 20mm stroke comensation subpression and it allows parts to be pushed against vacuum cup holders, which finaly grip the ejected product parts.

Gripper hand has also mounted 2 gripper jaws with control signal to catsc the sprue. Sensors signals that we succesfully collected also spue part out of mould. This is necessary to know the mould is empty of plastic material and affter exit of gripper hand the mould can be safely closed to produce new parts.